Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A busy crafting time

A bit of beauty in my garden.
I don't have a green thumb and gardening is not something I like to do but I do love it when I get a blossom occassionally and this Spring has been wonderful even for the few flowering plants that are in our garden.
These 2 roses are from the same rose bush they are so beautiful and really large.

Don't you just love this Iris my one and only after the trampoline crashed down on my one and only plant I had been nurturing for a few years always thought it was a purple one the poor plant must have gone into shock LOL.

Not such a beauty except for Kaitlyn of course. My DH had put mushroom compost around the garden and this is what Kaitlyn found growing beneath the lemon tree.

These past few weeks have been ever so busy. I have had a great time in my sewing room not much housework done but non the less a lot of crafty items I have been able to do. It is great when DH goes away for a week on the Camp Quality Bash I have lots of free time.

My first project was to make a blackboard and activity folder and a pencil roll for my grandson Ryan to keep him occupied in the car on long travels.

Next was to make a few gifts for some wonderful friends. As I am a non driver I have great friends who offer to drive me to patchwork group and recently 5 of us went to a quilt camp at Stanwell Tops for three days. These are a thank you gift. I got this great pattern from a tutorial on the http://www.pinkpenguin/ site. What a great easy gift to make.

At the quilt camp I made this 6 block quilt as you go quilt for my daughter Sheree's car.
Sheree chose the colours as her car is black and has leather seats they get very hot to sit on in the summer so she needed a little quilt for Kaitlyn to keep her butt from sticking to the leather.

My next little project was to create something for the grandkids to have for Halloween. So from this..To this.... Arn't they just so cute. We don't usually do Halloween but my littlies just wanted to do Trick or Treat at least once so what better way to collect their goodies.

During the month of October we also celebrated my grand daughter Kaitlyn's 8th. birthday.

I saw a great tutorial on the internet at http://www.polkadotpineapple/ where she had made these cute little flowers so I turned them into pencil toppers for the children that attended Kaitlyns birthday they were thrilled with their little gift and I enjoyed making them.

These are the ice cream cup cakes cooking in the oven that Kaitlyn and I made for her to take to school for all her class mates to celbrate her birthday.

I have also made postcards for the Artsnthemail postcard swap. The theme for these was "Bling"

All in all a busy crafting month.