Monday, May 29, 2006

"Lost Frog" quilt for Ryan

I have just completed this wee quilt for my little Grandson Ryan
He loves frogs as does his father.
I was able to get this made in just under 2 weeks. I did my first stipple quilting on this quilt and was quite happy with the results although I certainly need more practice.
I called it Lost Frogs because my DH could not see them in the quilt before I added the eyes.

Pansy Quilt

This Pansy quilt has been an ongoing project for 13 years orininaly started for a gift for my parents 50th. Wedding anniversary. That passed in 1995. They have since celebrated 60 years.
I gave it to my Mum on her 80th. birthday in 2004 unquilted. Finally after 72 hours + of machine quilting she recieved it in February 2006.
She was absolutly thrilled with her quilt as I was to finish it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first post...

Well I have finally ventured into the world of "blog"...don't quiet know how to use it yet so bare with me as I experiment!!!

Stay tuned for actual photos (yes getting adventurous already!) and more...