Friday, December 21, 2007

I lost this photo in the last post.

This is my 84 year old Dad at the steering wheel of the Standard 10. I think he was having a great time trying to steer this car and I am sure it bought back memories of days gone by.

The Standard 10

My DH Greg has been working on this little car a Standard 10 for about 3 years now.
The time has come for the wee little thing to leave the home comforts of the garage and go to the big workshop to have the more serious mechanical work done so that it can be road registered.
The last photo is Greg getting ready to say goodbye to his little treasure.

These photos are of a huge Sydney Red Gum Tree that was uprooted and blown over in the storm.
Around the area there were hundreds of trees uprooted and it took over a week to do all the clearing away of the debri.

Storm Damage

Sunday 9th December our area and surrounding suburbs were hit by a severe storm. This is the damage done to our back decking area and the white spots in the photo are hail stones.

The storm only lasted about 10 minutes but caused millions of dollars in damage. It was very scarey.

These are a few of the hail stones that came through our verhanda roof and some actually hit our sliding doors.

Our Christmas tree.

This year it was Kaitlyn's job to decorate the tree at first all the decorations were on the bottom as she could not reach the top.

Christmas wallhanging

The group I belong to did this wallhanging as a workshop a few years ago the easiest one I have ever done. All the fabrics were vlisoflexed then cut out in various shapes and ironed to the background.
Very easy peesy.

Christmas at the Power House

We love Christmas at our house... decorations have been up since the lst week of November and everyone who visits enjoys looking around at all the various displays.

This is our Santa collection.

Our collection of Snow people has been growing slowly over the years. Kaitlyn loves these especially the musical decorations.

It usually takes us 2 days to get all the decorations out and in the right places the next day is vacuuming day.

The hanging bears were a Christmas Swap gift with my Patchwork Group The Friendship Quilters.

Our Snow People Collection

The Reindeers
Not many of these in our collection
as yet but give us time. The reindeer with the big red bow I made some time ago from a kit.
The front reindeer was a pattern given to me many years ago and I have since made lots as gifts for friends.