Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Tuesday Treasure and a Thank You

To all you wonderful bloggers who have wished us well with regards to my DH thank you. We now have a tentative date for the operation the 7th. October. The family are all very positive so now we just wait. Greg has gone away this week to Adelaide with his mate so I was happy that at least he did not have to cancel this trip but unfortunately the doctor won't let him go on the Camp Quality car rally he is really disappointed but his health has to come first.

Today (a day late) is my special Tuesday Treasure. This beautiful dolly has had a very exciting life. When my Mother was a young woman around 16 or 17 she worked in a butchers shop. Each week an elderly lady would come by and Mum would give her bones and bits and pieces to feed her beloved dog. Being the Depression and no money this lady was so grateful to Mum that she would bring in little gifts and this celluloid doll was one of those gifts. She had told Mum that she treasured this doll and that she had had her for a long time and she knew Mum would treasure her also. My Mum thought that the lady would have been in her 80's. We don't know how old the doll is we know that she is German made and from celluloid containing gun powder.

When I was about 3-4 years old Mum gave her to me to play with and I promptly bit the dolls nose of her face. Poor baby had to go to the Doll' Hospital for a nose job. I never saw her again when she came home Mum packed her away. Just after I was married Mum gave her back to me and for 40 years she has had a very happy life.

Today I have given my dolly to my eldest daughter Danielle. She has always loved dolls and I just know she will treasure this dolly as much as I did
I have dressed her in the Christening gown that Mum had made for my eldest brother and I. I believe the petticoat is made from parachute material.

A photo of my precious grand daughter Zoe Grace. She is such a good baby sleeps and eats how perfect is that and great for her parents.

Another UFO out of the box. About 8 years ago when my first grand daughter was 2 I started this little smocked dress but never got around to finishing. Now with a new little girl in the family I had to finish and would you believe that all I had to to was put 3 buttons down the back. How slack is that. At least one of my grand daughters will get to wear it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A busy week

This has been a very stressful week. On Monday I spent the day at the hospital with my DH having tests on his heart and unfortunately after meeting with the heart surgeon on Wednesday he has told us that open heart surgery is the only way to proceed to correct the blocked arteries that were found. How can you feel really good with no symptoms of heart problems have a very full life and now we are dealing with a major operation probably within the next few weeks?
Just another of life's hurdles I guess.
Well aside from all that I went to the North Rocks markets last Sunday with my daughter Danielle and found this cute little mirror to add to my mirror wall in my lounge. I have been on the look out for quite some time for one the right size and this one fits perfectly.

I also came across this cup and saucer. I can hear you saying it is only a plain white set but upon turning it over to look at the maker found that it had my name Roslyn as the maker on the base. I asked the seller how much it was explaining it was my name on the set he gave it to me for $2. what a bargain.

If you look carefully you can just make out Roslyn Fine Bone China made in England. I googled the maker and found that it had been made by Staffordshire pottery between 1958-1963

Over the past few weeks have been refashioning a few t-shirts. I bought 2 skivvies a while back for $7. each but didn't like the way the neck sat so after looking at a few blogs I decided to refashion them.
Firstly I removed the neck and cut of the sleeves, these I used for the decorating of my new t-shirt.
The first 2 photos are of the skivvy ready to refashion

My finished and first t-shirt refashion. I am so happy at how they turned out.
Two new tops for Summer.

A close up of the neckline of the white t-shirt.

My second cream refashioned t-shirt.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Tuesday treasure

I am trying my hardest to be here each Tuesday for Clare's Craftroom Tuesday Treasures.
Today my little treasure is this kookaburra that belonged to my Dad. I don't know how old it is but has been around for as long as I can remember. I actually saved this little treasure from being thrown away a long long time ago. Dad tells me that at one stage the beek was broken of and that he used his spit to glue it back on and it is still there to this day. Now can you believe that???
Oops the photo is sideways. Finished the binding so another quilt finished. I am slowly getting through them but often get diverted to do other things I find along the way.

Like this cute owl family. At my patchwork group over the past few Tuesday evenings some members have been bringing in their owls either handmade or purchased so I wanted to join in on the fun. This was a Japanese pattern I found on the net after googling fabric owls.