Tuesday, August 31, 2010


To all those that have put a comment on my blog for Tuesday Treasure. I enjoy reading them and am thrilled at least some are interested enough to make a lovely comment thank you all.
Over the past few weeks I have been doing my best to get some UFO's finished. Another quilt is now having the binding put on so I am well on the way to another finish.

Last weekend my DH and I took my dear parents on a mystery day trip. We headed for the Central Coast and visited Budgiewoy where as a young family we spent many school holidays at the camping area. We had a very large army tent that was divided into 3 rooms. I can remember the ice man visiting every second day to keep the ice chest cold, the bake house where we got fresh bread everyday and ate the middle out of the bread, the hessian walled toilets and a dose of caster oil every few days but the best part was we could swim from dawn till dusk it was a very safe and fun place. I think we will always treasure those memories. Whilst having morning tea this pelican wanded over for a visit, I think he was eyeing off our biscuits.

We went for a walk to see if we could recognise any landmarks but everything has changed so much. When we camped the water was about 2 metres from our tent with lovely sandy shores now the land has been filled so no lovely white sand and the camping area is set well back from the lake. Oh well I guess that is progress but it is nice to have those memories. My parents had a great day reminiscing and having a lovely walk around the area.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

I have again joined in on Clare's Tuesday Treasure. I wanted to share my wedding bouquet. Silk flowers were becoming fashionable 40 years ago so I chose them for my wedding. They still look as fresh as that special day. Thanks Clare for continuing the Tuesday Treasure.

I have made these pot holders for a friend who gave me some old jeans recently. All I needed was the hems and side seams but after seeing similar on Teresa's blog I decided not to waste any of the denim. Jill has just moved into a new house, I hope she likes the gift.

My Grand daughter has decided she wants to sew. I started her stitching a strip pieced block and she took to it like she was a professional. Her lines were so straight, the concentration on her face and her determination was amazing. I hope she continues to enjoy.

She didn't like the ironing part of the process but got used to it after a while.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A quick post

I have finally finished my dresden plate quilt. I put the last stitches in the binding on Wednesday night and am thrilled with another UFO out of the box. This quilt will go to live at my daughter Danielle's home I am so happy she loves the quilts I make.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just where does the time go. I seem to be busy all of the time trying to fit more into a day than is sometimes possible. I think I should start keeping a day to day record of what I do and achieve.
I have had a bit of fun making a few little head bows for Zoe Grace. I think they are so cute on a babies head and these few looked lovely on her black unruly hair.

Woops I think she moved as I was taking this photo.

The cot quilt is now completed and the bed quilt now has the borders on. That will be sent to the quilters soon so then all is finished for Zoe's beautiful room.

Out of the left over fabrics I made a little wall hanging doing an Amanda Daly pattern called "Blooming" Although you can not see in the photo the centre of each flower is beaded which makes the quilt quite pretty.

When I had my first baby a long time ago my Mum made me lots of little matinee jackets and nighties she had purchased from "The Stitchery" I found them at the last quilt and craft show and bought this little matinee jacket. I did the embroidery and stitched it together and a very dear friend Bev did the crocheting for me what a treasure.

I have also made myself a new brooch

There have been lots of little UFO's hiding in my craft room so my thoughts today was to get a few of them finished. Once I got started I was on a roll. The first one finished was this little free Christmas block from Gail Pan designs the embroidery was finished before last Christmas so it was time that it got finished.

These two little embroideries belong to my very dear friend Pat who is going through some bad health issues at the present. She loves to embroider but can not use a sewing machine so I bring them home to finish with the borders and hanging loops. I have lost count of how many of these Pat has made, all little gifts for her many Grand Daughters.

The binding is finally going on my Dresden Plate quilt I showed in a post quite awhile ago. I sent the quilt out to be quilted so that took 8 weeks and when the quilt was returned I could not find the binding fabric I had so carefully put away. I have been looking for the fabrics at so many patchwork shops and being a deleted colour of Fossil Fern I had almost given up on ever finding it until I went to Patchwork Products at Rydalmere. I was so delighted to find she had the exact fabric I had taken weeks to find. To this day my binding fabric is still missing but I am sure it will be found one day. Hopefully by the end of this week another quilt will be finished.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

I have been missing from blogland for a while now. Firstly I didn't have a computer for about 2 weeks and then life became very hectic. I hope I can slow down now for a bit of a break.
Again I have entered Clare's Craftroom "Tuesday Treasure". I love being reminded of some of my most treasured possessions and this doll is a favourite.
My beautiful walking doll is now 53 years old and sure looks good for her age.

I got this doll for Christmas when I was 8 years old as our family were expecting a new baby brother or sister at the time and Mum wanted me to have something special just for me.
My baby sister Carole was born and I thought that was the best thing.
I loved playing with her and brushing her beautiful long hair which is now very thin on top but she still has long thick plaits.
The outfit she is wearing was knitted by Mum some years ago when she used to do a lot of heirloom knitting. Now with her Alzheimer's she doesn't do much of anything so I will always treasure this gift.