Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stocking charmed and finished

Another Christmas stocking is finished. I sometimes think it takes just as long to put all the charms and trims on the stocking as it does to do the stitching. This stocking is for my DH and as he likes to garden it has a garden theme.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where has the time gone

I really feel life is passing me by too quickly. Surely last Christmas was only a few months ago!!!!
I have been fairly slack with my stitching but did manage to make this wreath for my eldest daughter. I picked up a bag full of the blue balls from a Vinnies shop recently for a few dollars and purchased the silver balls and tinsell from the Reject shop. I had seen one similar on another blog and knew I could make it. Unfortunatley it went from a circle to an oval because of the weight but Danielle thought it was wonderful so I am very pleased with my Christmas wreath. GD Kaitlyn thought Christmas decorating had to be done so last weekend we decorated. She has great fun finding all the decorations in the boxes and putting them around the house.
A few decorating photos.

We have picked our first harvest of carrots. Kaitlyn is amused by all the strange shapes and sizes. I don't think we had a normal straight carrot in the bunch.

A few weeks back we took the two Munchkins to Bondi for the day. They so enjoyed the day together. We walked around the foreshore and looked at all the "Sculptures by the Sea"

This was their favourite. Lots and lots of sand covered shoes coming down the hillside.

Swimming and board riding was the best part of their day. Kaitlyn loves the beach and helped Ryan to enjoy himself in the surf. It is so nice to see them enjoying each others company.