Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Thank you Clare from Clare's Craft room for once again hosting
"Tuesday Treasures".
I have had this little treasure in my possession for as long as I can remember. The story that goes along with this doll is that my Grandfather was a Prisoner of War during the Second World War and during his internment the prisoners were able to trade with the guards and my Grandfather traded some cigarettes for the doll not long before he was released and sent home.
In my Mum's family there were the 2 girls and Mum was lucky enough to have the doll given to her. My Grandfather died when I was three years old so this doll will always be special to me.
One day I will find out the origin, it would be interesting to know what she is made from and how old she is. Another one of my favourite treasures.
What a great thing to be doing every week as I am sure we all have a treasure or two that are either put in a cupboard or china cabinet on display but we never think about them until someone jogs our memories so thank you again Clare this is such fun.