Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their Australia Day. Usually we go to the river at Gross Wold for a picnic lunch but because we have had so much rain we decided to have our Aussy day at home. Kaitlyn loves the water so the sprinkler was the next best thing.
I had to take photos of Kaitlyn for her Mum to see (Sheree flew out to America on Wednesday) to show her that Kaitlyn was having a great day.

I think she had a great day.

(((HUGS))) Roz

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lots of pictures to share today.
Today I have a day to myself. Kaitlyn has been here for the past few days and will return again tonight after going to the airport to see her Mum off on a business trip to the America. Whilst here she wanted to do some sewing on her scrappy quilt that she started about 18 months ago. Only one block to go and then ready to put them all together.
Kaitlyn couldn't decide what colour to use so brown it was. She quite enjoys sewing but like all 11 year old an hour or so at a time was enough.

However the next day all the blocks were completed and now just the sashings to do. She has done a great job and for me not too much unpicking. She is very proud of her quilt and says she wants to get it finished before her Mum returns home.

In between the cutting and ironing for Kaitlyn I was fiddling with an outfit I am hoping to wear to my daughters wedding (Kaitlyn's Mum) in April.

This little dress was the "Mother of the Bride " dress my Mum wore at my wedding 42 years ago. I have a wonderful friend Margaret who just loves a challenge and is making this into something special for me. The lace is beautiful and I have been cutting lace pieces to make an edging along the hem edge. I will show more pictures as it progresses.

I have found this old treasure. While over visiting my parents on the weekend and looking for empty jars I found this wonderful cake cooker on the very top shelf in the laundry. I had never seen this before and as a child I don't remember it being in my home so maybe it was there all the time but was never used. Has anyone ever seen one of these before. I think it to be quite old
especially when it reads you can cook a sponge for a penny. There is no thermostat only the little glass top into which you look to see if the contents are cooking. No on or of switch.

The name on the little recipe book says "St. George" electric cooker and is designed to cook cakes, scones and biscuits.

Yesterday Kaitlyn and I decided to try it out and made one of the recipes in the book. A Chocolate coconut cake. It was very strange cooking a cake this way to see how it was cooking we had to use a torch to look into the glass panel. It took longer to cook that it said but the cake cooked well and is quite moist.

Kaitlyn enjoyed icing the cake.

I also made some tomato chutney from our home grown tomatoes.

I forgot to show these photos in my last post. I usually try to make a little Christmas decoration each year for the grand children and these are what I made.

The blue snowman was for Zoe.

The red one for Kaitlyn.

And the penguins for Ryan.

Thanks for looking in. (((HUGS))) Roz.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year

A Happy New Year to Everyone.

I have been absent from blogging for so long now, with my limited knowledge of computers I think I may need a refresher course.
I have been somewhat busy as we all were through the Christmas period but did get a bit of stitching done here and there. I've decided to do the 365 days journal this year and have found this to be a great way to remember the year of 2012 and to have a quilt at the end.
As I said a bit of stitching. A cushion made for my eldest daughter made from 2 tea towels.

The left over linen was used to make my very first Tilda doll for little Zoe. These 2 things were supposed to be for Christmas but did not quite get finished so were my first finishes for 2012.

The first weekend of December saw my youngest (Joshua) turn 30 and get engaged. We travelled to Ballarat for the occasion which was wonderful Josh and Robyn seem to be on top of the world and very happy.

Another stitching project I had to get finished before Christmas was an apron for the Patchwork group I belong to. Kaitlyn so graciously models the apron for me.

Has anyone ever seen a lemon like this one? We found this one on our lemon tree recently and thought it to be really strange. We counted 16 lemon forms coming on the one fruit.

During the lead up to Christmas I stitched these little embroideries and completed putting them together on Christmas Eve. I like to make something special each year so was happy to see these hanging over the door.

Also made these little bon-bons for gifts to special friends. I filled them with a little tree decoration and chocolates. They looked fabulous I thought.

Zoe Grace's Christmas stocking was finished in time to hang up for Christmas. This year I hope to get another stocking started for our soon to be son in law Craig.

(((HUGS))) Roz.