Sunday, February 26, 2012


Truthfully I have not been anywhere but just very busy. My daughter Sheree is getting married in April so getting things organised for this event has been taking lots of time.

I have to share with you a parcel that I received last week. A blogging friend Mary in America after seeing my embroidery hexy quilt offered to send me some of her pieces. That was back in October of last year. We had all but given up on this parcel ever reaching its destination when I received a phone call from a woman I had met once at a quilting class some 18 months ago who luckily for me remembered my name (her surname is also Power) and thought that the parcel was meant for me. How lucky was I that the post office sent it her way and not to another address that would not have known who I was. As I said to Mary "Miracles do happen"

This is what was in the parcel. Lots of beautiful embroidered doilies and other embroideries. A bag full of fabulous buttons and bits and pieces of laces and trims. I will have lots of fun putting some of these little treasures into my hexy quilt and will look at this quilt with lovely memories.

Earlier this year Australia Day in fact I found I had won these beautiful patterns from

"One Day in May"

Melissa Grant does some of the most beautiful designs and I was absolutely delighted to have won the "Thankful" block of the month

My only bit of stitching that I have been doing is attempting to make my little grand daughters dress for the upcoming wedding. I am not a good clothes sewer... I fly by the seat of my pants sometimes and deep down hope the article I am trying to create works out.

I have put the tulle under the dress what a job that was and now I am getting ready for the netting to go over the top.

Looking quite good so far and Sheree loves it and that is all that counts.

I am also attempting to make the ties for the guys.

I have been trying the pattern out on some scrap satin and I think my prototype tie has worked quite well. Ties are not that hard to make really.