Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My delightful Grandchildren

Recently we took our 2 grandchildren on an adventure. We left home at 9am and ventured into the city. They had no idea where we were going and were very excited. Our adventure was to walk across the Harbour Bridge and go on a ferry ride to Manly. Neither of them had done this before so it was great fun to watch their expressions each time something exciting happened.

Kaitlyn is 6 and Ryan is 3 with Gregdad on the Harbour Bridge.
This is Ryan hanging out of the ferry window. See the Harbour Bridge in the background
And this is Kaitlyn having a great time. I think they enjoyed the ferry the best we actually went on 3 ferries during our adventure.
Here we are at the end of the day. "Do we really have to walk up this steep hill?" Everyone was very tired and ready to go home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I have recently been doing postcards to swap and have been swapping with other postcard artists. These have been so much fun to do.

Flower Garden Postcards

Fireworks PostcardsKoala Postcards
Daisy postcards
Chocolate postcard

Ladybug Postcards

Another Christmas gift finished.

I have now finally finished my 6th Christmas stocking. I have made this one for my son-in-law Matthew. He was feeling a bit left out last Christmas when he saw only 2 hanging, Danielles and baby Ryans and asked if I could do one for him. I was happy to oblige. I hope he will like the finished stocking.

Hand made flowers

I have recently been experimenting with different fabrics and found this technique on a site I was searching. These are made from organza ans a washaway fabric, stitched around the edges with satin stitch I was very happy with my first attempt. I then made the leaves with the same technique.

Our Cat Bobbin

This is our gorgeous cat Bobbin she is a Scottish Fold Ragdoll. She is now 11months old and has full run of our house. She stays indoor always and loves to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

isnt she the cutest ever.