Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yo Yo Challenge

This is my Yo Yo challenge I participated in over at Donna's in The Attic I have had trouble sending it through so here it is on my blog...

Hi Donna
What great fun I have had making Yo-Yo's.
When I first got involved with your challenge I had no idea as to what I was going to do with all these yo-yo's I had made.
I then decided on a teapot cosie but could not find a pattern anywhere.
Whilst looking through a craft magazine I found a very small photo of just the tea cosie I wanted to make.
After a bit of measurement problems here is a photo of my finished yo yo teapot cosie.

I really enjoyed your challenge

Sorry about the photos of the yo yo's the photo was taken with a diffrent camera and the colours have turned out awful.

These are the actual colours of the yo yo's not those bright awlful colours in the last photo.

Thanks I hope you like my creation.

Take Care


Monday, September 01, 2008

Blog update

Again just where do the days disappear. Here we are into Spring already and thank goodness I have finished all my Spring cleaning after having the inside of the house re-painted so it was a good opportunity to de-clutter and change things around. We have had a couple of visitors to our garden a beautiful Kookaburra and a large Blue Tongue Lizard out sunning itself in the warm sunhine. The days are certainly getting warmer thank goodness I am well over winter.

I have started another quilt project with Amanda Daly, this time a wall hanging titled "Blooming". I have to really concentrate on the layout of these blocks and my mischievious cat Bobbin as usual has to be in on the action. I can't believe not even the pins will deter her from messing with my blocks, nice and neat one minute and all over the place the next.

Remember this photo in an earlier post the jelly roll my kids gave me..... well I have now made the quilt from the pictured book and the quilt looks pretty good although these colours of fabrics were not exactly what I expected them to be once the roll was unrolled. A bit brighter but subdued at the same time. The quilt was easy to put together although I did come across some mistakes in the book but were able to work them out. I have sent this quilt to be professionally quilted to a lady at Geurie a country town not far from Dubbo.