Friday, August 08, 2008

A very busy time.

Well since my last post so much has happened. I have finished my "Quilt as you Go" quilt and although I am not too happy with my colour selection (we had to use at least 10% of a colour we don't usually use and the black fabric was not really my choice) I think however the quilt turned out really well and DH loves it so that is really all that matters. I did so enjoy the workshops with Amanda Daly and to think I have a quilt completed and it did not have to go into the UFO box.

Last weekend was our Adventure time with our two Grandchildren. We took them to the Entrance this time lucky for us it was a beautiful day the sun was shining and it was quite warm for a winter day in August. The kids had a great time going on the carnival rides, enjoying the beach and riding their bikes and scooter.

Ryan loves the outdoors especially the beach. He also had a great time sliding down the rocket ship slippery slide. Our Kaitlyn is becoming a real dare devil. She decided she wanted to do the rock climbing she has only done this once before so we were very nervous watching her slowly climb the rock wall in her bare feet I might add.
Slowly climbing her way to the top........

Almost there......

She did not quite make it to the top but sure had a good try at it. We were very proud of her.

Aftert our wonderful adventure weekend DH had to go to hospital for surgery to remove his gall bladder. Two days in hospital and now home recoperating. His little car is now home after being in the workshop for over 6 months. It is now road worthy and registered. If he is better by next weekend he has entered the car in an all British day car exhibition.