Sunday, May 24, 2009


This photo somehow got missed in my last post. Block of the Month from Ellies Place

Another Month Passes

I think I am a seriously bad blogger. When I think I have a bit of time to spare and catch up I find something else gets in the way. I really envy those bloggers that update every day and have loads of interesting things to show and wonderful dialogues. I am not one for prattling on but do love to read blogs that really interest me.

The month of May was interesting. Mother's Day was not really the best for me this year with an uncalled for family outburst on my brothers side. Not a day we would like to revisit but my immediate family, my 2 wonderful daughters helped make the day a little better and a phone call from my son in Victoria finished the day on a nicer note.

Enough of the doom and gloom. At a friends home the other day she had been having a clean out and found this really cute little cotton spool holder. On the bottom it says Walkers Sewing Tidee and was made in England. Inside there are 5 spools of Sylko cotton threads. The lid on the top even has a lever to lock the lid in place. Pat said it belonged to her Mother. I am so glad she saved it for me. It is just so cute and looks great sitting in one of my old sewing machines that I have.

All my Blocks of the month are completed. I have really enjoyed these and look forward to seeing what the next ones will be. There certainly are some very talented people in blogland.

A few weeks ago I did another bit of knitting. I am not the best knitter in the world but a simple pattern suits me well. I knitted these 2 little shawls only took me a night to knit each one talk about easy....... My daughter and grand daughter are modeling the shawls.

Kaitlyn thought it would look good as a hat as well.