Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last BOM finished

I promised myself that when I started these Blocks of the Month that I would keep up to date and get them finished early but as usual life got in the way but I was determined to get this last one finished in April. I did it finished today the last day of the month. Yippeeeeeee.
Block from Bunny Hill Designs.
About 10 or more years ago I got this hank of dishcloth cotton and immediatley put it in a cupboard. I have been reading a blog "down -to-earth" and she had a pattern for dishcloths. I remembered my cotton put away and forgotten so out it came, wound the hank into balls and have now knitted 3 cloths and am half way through another. I love how you can be inspired by reading other bloggers and can learn so much from these interesting people.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Long time no blog......

Well I haven't been idle since I last blogged. The past weeks have flown by. I have been to a Quilt Camp one weekend then Bowral the next weekend and then Easter at Nundle the following weekend with the family. This weekend is for catching up.

I have completed two BOM's this month the first from Ellie's Quiltplace. How cute is this little bunny and I finally found my bee button for last months block.

The second from Gail Pan Designs. I am really enjoying these little blocks. I have yet to do my block from Bunny Hill Designs hopefully this week. The photo is a bit dark, the borders are of a lovely royal blue.
This pattern for the birds I have had for quite some time. You know put away for something to do when I run out of other things to do. I was happy to do them and am pleased with how they look. Very easy to make and look great hanging here.

This little bag was a pattern the quilting group I belong too bought on our quilting weekend. I am the try out bunny to see how it goes together. The pattern is called "The Two-Hour Tulip Purse" but it took me a lot longer just to read through the pattern instructions a few times. Once I had it worked out it was really easy to put together.

At my pathchwork group last Tuesday we had a workshop to make these lottle mug bags. Thery were not as easy as the bag above and I am sure there were a few who would have given up it was very fiddly to make. But I was pleased with how these turned out. I had to do 2 one for me and the other for my friend Barbara who has a broken arm and is unable to sew.

The "Fractured Fairy" is finished all quilted and bound and hanging on the wall

So you can see I haven't been idle... in between weekends away and sewing and looking after the family I have been quite busy.