Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last BOM finished

I promised myself that when I started these Blocks of the Month that I would keep up to date and get them finished early but as usual life got in the way but I was determined to get this last one finished in April. I did it finished today the last day of the month. Yippeeeeeee.
Block from Bunny Hill Designs.
About 10 or more years ago I got this hank of dishcloth cotton and immediatley put it in a cupboard. I have been reading a blog "down -to-earth" and she had a pattern for dishcloths. I remembered my cotton put away and forgotten so out it came, wound the hank into balls and have now knitted 3 cloths and am half way through another. I love how you can be inspired by reading other bloggers and can learn so much from these interesting people.

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Maree said...

hello Roz.could you email me regarding the paper bag swap from your own email...from here it comes no-reply...