Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will miracles never cease. Had to sneak this photo in of my DH replacing a button on his shorts. I had told him I was too busy for such a task and told him if I wasn't around he would have to do these things for himself and so he did just that. Is this the start of a whole new beginning I wonder???? The concentration!!!!!!

Took the three Grandies to the Australian Reptile Park on Tuesday thank goodness it was a nice sunny day. The kids had a ball Gregdad and I were exhausted. There is always lots to see at the park, animals wandering around, crocodile feeding and lots of other interesting things to do

These are my "FRIENDS" parcels already wrapped and were posted of to Laura in America last Monday. This was a fun swap run by Khris at Sew Prim Khris. You had to make or collect a gift for each letter of FRIENDS. I hope Laura likes what I have sent her.

Recently I purchased a cute little Summer hat pattern from "Little Betty" blogspot and made these hats for Zoe. I made 3 hats and of these 2 were reversible so she now has 5 hats for Summer.

I have finally started the blue and white quilt. The picture below is the quilt that Lou wanted made from all the beautiful fabrics she has had for over 25 years. The date on the bottom of the photo taken from an old magazine is dated 1996. I found this picture in amongst all the fabric.

(((HUGS))) Roz.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Nightmare almost finished.

These little blocks were started way back when as Friendship blocks and were not completed. These were to be my next project to get finished but I came across a few hurdles with the borders. I stopped counting how many times I reversed sewed (unpicked) so I gave up and put the blocks back in the too hard box. Was I not reading the pattern right, was I measuring wrong? I could not get the first 2 borders to fit even though all the blocks put together were the right size. Yesterday I decided to have another go. I unpicked the first border once again, cut new borders 1" bigger and restitched. The checkered border was my problem in the first place as it was too big and could not be cut down it had to fit just right. My problem was the pattern book was WRONG. Finally after much measuring and fudging I have finished the first 2 borders but sadly because I had to recut the first border I have not enough of that fabric for the outside border but I am happy now with how it looks. A trip to the quilt shop soon I think.

A few photos to share. This is Kaitlyn working on her school project. The project was Rainforests so she was painting a background to do a colarge I did't get to take a photo of the finished piece but it was pretty good.

Came out onto my verhanda on Monday and here was Zoe sucking at the water hose. You would have thought she was really thirsty. I think she just loves playing in the water especially on these lovely warm days we are having.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doily Hexagons

I have had some lovely comments by bloggers with regards to my Doily Hexagon wall quilt. I am very happy with how it is coming together. The doilies are getting harder to find now in Op shops but I have some wonderful friends that find one or two occassionly. Not a very clear photo, but the best I can take with the camera I have. I seriously think I need a new camera. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

(((HUGS))) Roz.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seriously busy life.

Just thought I would share a few random photos.
I don't seem to be able to have much time to myself lately. With looking after Zoe 2 days a week helping Kaitlyn with school projects and general life things I need my life to slow down.
I am not a gardener so I love to see colour and Spring brings out those beautiful colours. A bit blurry but this photo is of a small part in my garden. Love the orange and white together. On Fathers Day our family went to Bobbin Head for a picnic. It is amazing what we have on our doorstep. There was a board walk from the picnic area to the marshes and then on to a beautiful Rainforest Gully. Zoe had a wonderful time exploring over the rocks near the waterfalls. She was only just starting to walk.

We had to leave the pram and carry Zoe but the walk was worth the effort.

On the way we saw these bush turkeys making their nest they were certainly not afraid of people around. I could not believe how big the nest was and it was getting bigger as we watched.

Here are my 2 daughter Sheree and Danielle with Zoe standing in the mangroves.

This photo is of Kaitlyn after she had just had her hair and make-up done for her physical culture competition.

A friend of mine has been collecting doilies for my hexagons and in amongst the pile was this very beautifully embroidered stocking bag with hand made tatting around the edge. This was too good to cut up so as my daughter Danielle collects old linens I gave it to her to add to her collection.

Recently I was in a Mug Rug swap with a blogger Diane in America. In my parcel she included a homemade jar of Hot Pepper jelly so I made some pastry swirls using philly cream and the jelly and I must say they were delicious and not hot at all.

A few eeks ago my DH Greg and I spent a few days in Canberra. He particularly wanted to go to the Australian War Memorial and see the Vietnam Memorial. He is a National Service Returned Serviceman so that was of special interest to him.

We found this plaque in the sidewalk. He was in 104 Signal Squadron betwen 1968-1969.

The The National Service Vietnam Memorial.The Vietnam Memorial.

Not much stitching done these days. I had to make these red cushions for Danielles' Sister -in-law. I did a log cabin design in all the same Ikea fabric.

My other little project was to make a little dress for Zoe. When Danielle was a small girl she always said when she had a little girl of her own she would dress her in red and white spots.