Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seriously busy life.

Just thought I would share a few random photos.
I don't seem to be able to have much time to myself lately. With looking after Zoe 2 days a week helping Kaitlyn with school projects and general life things I need my life to slow down.
I am not a gardener so I love to see colour and Spring brings out those beautiful colours. A bit blurry but this photo is of a small part in my garden. Love the orange and white together. On Fathers Day our family went to Bobbin Head for a picnic. It is amazing what we have on our doorstep. There was a board walk from the picnic area to the marshes and then on to a beautiful Rainforest Gully. Zoe had a wonderful time exploring over the rocks near the waterfalls. She was only just starting to walk.

We had to leave the pram and carry Zoe but the walk was worth the effort.

On the way we saw these bush turkeys making their nest they were certainly not afraid of people around. I could not believe how big the nest was and it was getting bigger as we watched.

Here are my 2 daughter Sheree and Danielle with Zoe standing in the mangroves.

This photo is of Kaitlyn after she had just had her hair and make-up done for her physical culture competition.

A friend of mine has been collecting doilies for my hexagons and in amongst the pile was this very beautifully embroidered stocking bag with hand made tatting around the edge. This was too good to cut up so as my daughter Danielle collects old linens I gave it to her to add to her collection.

Recently I was in a Mug Rug swap with a blogger Diane in America. In my parcel she included a homemade jar of Hot Pepper jelly so I made some pastry swirls using philly cream and the jelly and I must say they were delicious and not hot at all.

A few eeks ago my DH Greg and I spent a few days in Canberra. He particularly wanted to go to the Australian War Memorial and see the Vietnam Memorial. He is a National Service Returned Serviceman so that was of special interest to him.

We found this plaque in the sidewalk. He was in 104 Signal Squadron betwen 1968-1969.

The The National Service Vietnam Memorial.The Vietnam Memorial.

Not much stitching done these days. I had to make these red cushions for Danielles' Sister -in-law. I did a log cabin design in all the same Ikea fabric.

My other little project was to make a little dress for Zoe. When Danielle was a small girl she always said when she had a little girl of her own she would dress her in red and white spots.


Maree: said...

Lovely post..My DD did Physie for about 5 years we loved it and we do miss it now & then...we hope that our little Grandie will want to do it when she's a bit DIL also did's in the family..

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Pretty flowers, cute grand daughters and gorgeous little dress!!! Love the red and white spots!

Janice said...

You are right about a busy life. It is lovely that you have been able to spend such nice times with your family. Thanks for taking us along with you.