Monday, June 02, 2008

Another Week

I have been getting into trouble from my daughter Danielle for not updating my blog so here is this weeks edition.
Another UFO on the sewing machine being quilted. I am slowly getting all the UFO's completed. This quilt has been waiting about 6 years and arn't we glad that they don't become too outdated. I did this quilt as a challenge with the quilting group I belong to and I think I am the last to get it finished what a nice surprise it will be for them LOL.

Today I have finished this little Bow Bag. (This was not a UFO) we do have to deviate sometimes don't we!!!! I will give it to Danielle if she likes it I think it is a little Shabby Chic her favourite at present.

Early last week I made this Raggedy Jeans quilt for my son Joshua. It took two days to complete. Whilst putting away boxes in storage awhile back I found all his patches he had collected from being in the Scouts and what better way to save them but to attach them to denim patches and sew them into a quilt. I hope he likes it I am sure he will need it being in Melbourne this time of the year very cold.

My Grand Daughter Kaitlyn has a new desk in her room so I have made her a blackboard desk mat. Something to draw on and pockets to keep her pencil, ruler and rubber safe as she is always misplacing them. Typical 7 year old.

This beautiful bush has been on our front verhanda now for about 4 years and has never bloomed. I just had to take a photo as it may never bloom again. It is a variagated Boganvillia