Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

I have again joined in on Clare's Tuesday Treasure. I wanted to share my wedding bouquet. Silk flowers were becoming fashionable 40 years ago so I chose them for my wedding. They still look as fresh as that special day. Thanks Clare for continuing the Tuesday Treasure.

I have made these pot holders for a friend who gave me some old jeans recently. All I needed was the hems and side seams but after seeing similar on Teresa's blog I decided not to waste any of the denim. Jill has just moved into a new house, I hope she likes the gift.

My Grand daughter has decided she wants to sew. I started her stitching a strip pieced block and she took to it like she was a professional. Her lines were so straight, the concentration on her face and her determination was amazing. I hope she continues to enjoy.

She didn't like the ironing part of the process but got used to it after a while.


Melody said...

It's lovely to see some-one encouraging the next generation to sew - I'm so glad she enjoyed herself. The flowers are very pretty and a lovely memory

mandapanda said...

How wonderful that your bouquet is still so gorgeous and white! A beautiful picture too!
Love the denim uses, and your grand daughter is just adorable sitting at the sewing machine!

Janice said...

I love your bouquet and photo. I too had silk flowers for my wedding bouquet. That was twenty four years ago. There was only one florist in our town at that stage and she was already booked out with other weddings on the same day as ours, so we had no choice. The upside, is that like you, I still have my bouquet.
I hope your granddaughter enjoys her time sewing and gets the bug.

clare's craftroom said...

Your bouquet does still look so lovely , what a treasure ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .

Allie said...

How pretty is that - and a bonus, you still have your bouquet! My brother-in-law bought my bouquet for me, he had strict orders but didn't follow them - he brought back Calla Lilies that made me feel I was holding a spear. I almost took someone's eye out when I threw them.

Your potholders are so cute - love the red trim and the flower! Good for you, teaching your granddaughter to sew, gotta keep the spirit of craft alive!

Sue said...

Wedding bouquets to grand daughter in 40 years. That's a treasure to keep. Gorgeous!

Mistea said...

What a special reminder of a special day.

Love your little person sewing, reminds me of working with my niece when she visited last year.

Thanks for sharing