Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Tuesday Treasure and a Thank You

To all you wonderful bloggers who have wished us well with regards to my DH thank you. We now have a tentative date for the operation the 7th. October. The family are all very positive so now we just wait. Greg has gone away this week to Adelaide with his mate so I was happy that at least he did not have to cancel this trip but unfortunately the doctor won't let him go on the Camp Quality car rally he is really disappointed but his health has to come first.

Today (a day late) is my special Tuesday Treasure. This beautiful dolly has had a very exciting life. When my Mother was a young woman around 16 or 17 she worked in a butchers shop. Each week an elderly lady would come by and Mum would give her bones and bits and pieces to feed her beloved dog. Being the Depression and no money this lady was so grateful to Mum that she would bring in little gifts and this celluloid doll was one of those gifts. She had told Mum that she treasured this doll and that she had had her for a long time and she knew Mum would treasure her also. My Mum thought that the lady would have been in her 80's. We don't know how old the doll is we know that she is German made and from celluloid containing gun powder.

When I was about 3-4 years old Mum gave her to me to play with and I promptly bit the dolls nose of her face. Poor baby had to go to the Doll' Hospital for a nose job. I never saw her again when she came home Mum packed her away. Just after I was married Mum gave her back to me and for 40 years she has had a very happy life.

Today I have given my dolly to my eldest daughter Danielle. She has always loved dolls and I just know she will treasure this dolly as much as I did
I have dressed her in the Christening gown that Mum had made for my eldest brother and I. I believe the petticoat is made from parachute material.

A photo of my precious grand daughter Zoe Grace. She is such a good baby sleeps and eats how perfect is that and great for her parents.

Another UFO out of the box. About 8 years ago when my first grand daughter was 2 I started this little smocked dress but never got around to finishing. Now with a new little girl in the family I had to finish and would you believe that all I had to to was put 3 buttons down the back. How slack is that. At least one of my grand daughters will get to wear it.


BubzRugz said...

what a lovely baby filled post - your doll has had such an interesting life! Cute granddaughter - so huggable.... I'm a bit jealous!

teresa said...

The doll is wonderful, and the story behind it even more so. I wonder how old the doll really is? and her nose job was fantastic!! Your granddaughter is the sweetest little thing and I must say, I am very impressed you finished the little dress. It's beautiful. Take care Roz