Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dancing Teapots

For the past 24 years with three of my very close friends we have had a monthly luncheon, meeting at each others homes. For each of these friends I have made a 50th. birthday quilt.
This quilt was made for Debbie the youngest of our small group she turned 50 in May. At our lunches we have lots of cups of tea and good food and lots to talk about so I made this Teapot quilt to represent our wonderful friendship. The four teacups on the bottom of the quilt is one for each of us.
A poem above the teacups reads:

At my table sit with me
I'll pour some coffee or some tea
Perhaps we"ll share our tears and laughter
And be friends for ever after.

1 comment:

miss~nance said...

What a gorgeous quilt, that is certainly a precious gift.