Monday, February 18, 2008

Been Busy

I have been fairly busy over the past few weeks I really envy all you bloggers who are so diligent in blogging every day. I take so long to add to my blog (not too computer literate) I foget what I am supposed to do and then don't know what to say. My 2 daughters Danielle and Sheree are always having a laugh at me as I am always asking them questions of what to do.
So this blog is for Kylie (a scrapbooking friend of Sheree) an update she asked for when I saw her at the craft show on Saturday.
Firstly I have made 3 sewing machine mats. The bear mat is for me, the floral mat is for my friend Alice who is 84 and still enjoys her sewing and the frog mat I made smaller for my newly aquired Singer Featherweight sewing machine that I have recently purshased in Uralla a small country town whilst on our recent holiday.

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