Friday, March 14, 2008

Quilt Camp

Two weeks ago I was counting down the days till Merroo Quilt Camp up at Kurrajong. Now it has come and gone where do the weeks go? Quilt camp was great. I went with 7 friends from my quilting group this was my 8th. year. We leave on Friday and have a wonderful time visiting all the patchwork shops and thrift shops on the way. This year I chose to do a class with Dianne Johnston called Shattered Glass an easy technique for stained glass work. My friend Diana and I chose to call our work "Fractured Fairy" I only managed to get my fairy to the pinned stage by the Sunday but have managed to get some of the stitching done this week. This technique is really easy and can be adapted to original stained glass patterns.

The first photo is my fairy without her wings, the second photo is Dianne Johnstons fairy and how mine will hopefully look one day soon. Beautiful isn't she? Although a bit blurry!!!

At quilt camp on the Saturday night groups are encouraged to put on some entertainment, each year there is a different theme. This year it was Sports, this being the year of the Olympics. Our group decided on the Grand Parade, we all dressed in different sports clothes carried our banner, an Aussy flag and the Olympic rings and marched to the National Anthem I think it was the best of the night we were awarded 2nd. place. It was loads of fun.

From left to right Me, Ann, Helen, Diana Kerrie, Kerry and Barbara.

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