Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blocks Continued

On Monday Kaitlyn was home on a student free day from school having a pyjama day and was a big help numbering my blocks ready for binding. The blocks were all trimmed down to 17" and I have already added a few of the bindings to the middle set of blocks. They are coming together really well I am pleased to say.

Got a bit tired of binding blocks today and was browsing the blogs I like to visit and came across this cute pattern a great tutorial by Rhiannon Vining at for little baby shoes.
They were so easy to make and are reversible.... just so cute....

I finally found a Clover Yo-Yo maker. I am going to attempt Donna's challenge over on her blog Donna's - In the Attic. I have never used one of these gadgets have always made them the old traditional way so this should be a great challenge. Not quite sure what to make but hopfully will have a brainstorm as I am making the yo-yos. Wish me luck.....

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