Monday, July 07, 2008

Seriously Bad Blogger

I am really slack at this blogging. I take my camera with me most times and forget to take photos. Have not done too much over the last month and can someone please tell me where that month went. Seems like only yesterday it was June and I have even had a birthday in that time.

This is a photo of Kaitlyn all dressed for a fancy dress disco, she went as a ladybird and looked ever so cute. She really does love dressing up.

Ryan is ever so proud of his new shirt. His Uncle Josh has one just the same.

My 2 adorable Grandchildren.

Now you see me.........

Now you don't........
Bobbin's favourite past time is hiding under quilts. I am sure she feels secure in that no one can see her even if it is only her head that is hidden.

For Mothers Day my kids gave me a Jelly Roll and I have recently ordered the matching fabric to make the quilt on the cover of the book. Oh no another ongoing project.

And another quilting project I have recently started. This is a 'quilt as you go' method so I am sure to get this one finished.
I am doing the workshop with Amanda Daley at "Country Pickens" at the Corner at Dural and am really enjoying the workshop. I have already quilted 6 blocks only 10 more to do. Yikes!!

A few weeks ago Greg my DH and I went to an Auction up at Mudgee and I purchased these 2 cute little deer for $5. No one else bid on them and I just knew I could not leave them behind so now one is happy with me and the other is comfy at my sister Caroles' home. Too cute!

My latest creation and actually finished. My dear 85 year old friend Alice gave me this pattern so I had to make it up and show her how it was made . Rather a nice bag I think.

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