Sunday, March 08, 2009

Autumn already

At the beginning of Autumn I finally got to plant some sweetpea. Now I know everyone says you should plant these on St. Patricks Day but hey how do the plants know they were planted a little early. So far they don't seem to have gone into shock because of this. Now I have to wait until Spring for the beautiful sprays of flowers.

Another little thing planted on the first weekend of Autumn was my new bird house. Picked this one up on our travels in January. You can get some really lovely things in Bowral. DH has put the little bird there hoping to attract others he thinks.

It was a really busy weekend I can tell you. I talked DH into spray painting the bits and pieces we had picked up at various auctions that have been sitting in our garage for quite some time. I had already undercoated everything so we set up a spray booth out the back and everything has now been painted. It is amazing how once the idea is planted he will get into it with gusto. I am one happy wife to finally get things finished.

My three Blocks of the Month are also completed.
Bunny Hill Block. Love the bunny.
Ellies Place Block finished bar the month as we are not yet in Spring and the bee is missing.

( can't find that little button... I have one somewhere )

Gai Pans Block. I think I must have been in a yellow phase.

This weekend just past my we took my parents over to North Head to go and see the new Queen's State Coach. This photo is of my parents aren't they a cute couple been married 64 years this year.

This is the Queens coach built by Jim Frecklington. It was built and is housed at the old Artilliary Base at North head. What an interesting man he is, so interesting to listed too on how he came to build this beautiful coach and that it will probably be the last one ever to be built. We had a lovely day and Mum and Dad enjoyed the day out.


Tozz said...

I too have finished block 3 of the Bunny Hill ones. I think they are just devine. I also love your furniture you have picked up and I am glad you DH finished them off for you. Hes a good one, so I recommend to keep him :) I enjoy looking at your blog and love all you do :)

Anne Sutton said...

Love your basket blocks! they are just wonderful. Congratulations on a job well done. Love that kitty too! Looks a bit like mine.

miss~nance said...

Beautiful Blocks Roz, wish I had time to amke up some of htem , but have saved hepatterns for a rainy day. or Maybe when I get all my UFO's completd (Check out my blog again I have completed 3 THIS week).

The bird house is really cute. Let me know next time you come up to Bowral I dont mind travelling an hour tomeet up with you.



Danielle said...

oh wow...look at that man go...Dad when are you coming over to finish off my projects?? The tray mobile looks great in white. Loving the bird house out the back.x

ine said...

I love your new bird house and I am sure the birds will be coming soon.

The march block from gai pen turned out really nice – it must be strange for you to do all the spring blocks in Autumn.
But I think the yellow colour scheme is a real good choice.

Kristine from Germany

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Roslyn
Thanks for taking the trouble to email me, very much appreciated - and I found your blog!!
I've had an enjoyable time reading through your posts

Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend and not working that DH of yours too hard