Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Month almost over

Can you believe it the first month of Spring half way through. We certainly have had some very hot days so far hate to think what Summer is going to be like.
This is my Grand Daughter Kaitlyn. Last week at school she had a book review morning and they had to dress as a character from their favourite book and she chose Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I am not at all into dress making but made the attempt to make the outfit for her. What would probably take a professional only a day or two... not me... took me almost 2 weeks. ( I don't do zips which was my biggest problem but survived it okay) Kaitlyn was thrilled and I was pleased at how she looked Had the hair curled for the occassion. Don't you love Toto in the basket.
Even painted and glittered the shoes. (the glitter doesn't show up too well in the photo) I even had to paint the socks the right colour blue. Everything looked just perfect

Have been busy with my BOM's wanting to get them finished early this month. Gail Pan has finished her collection and I am so thrilled with how these look when they are all put together. Gail has put up how to finish the quilt and her quilt looks stunning. Thanks Gail I really enjoyed doing these each month. Thank you also for your generosity in sharing these with everyone who has participated.
All of my nine blocks completed

The blocks from Bunny Hill designs are coming along as well still have three more from her to complete and her completed quilt is just as stunning. (What we can see at least).
Three more blocks to be added

I have loved doing Ellies Quiltplace calendar blocks although I will wait until I have them all completed for the months to be added
Nine of the twelve blocks. Not quite sure how I will put these together. I have a few plans floating around in my head.


teresa said...

Hi Roz, your Grandaughter looks did a fantastic job on her costume. Well done on all your finishes too...I am getting there...slowly...

Mistea said...

Lots to show there - cute costume on your grandaughter. I really like how you have done Gail's Christmas Wish in a rainbow of colours - that will look gorgeous completed. Thanks for sharing