Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Whilst browsing blogland especially Teresa's blog "All Things Vintage" I saw that Clare's Craftroom had a wonderful idea to share your most treasured momentos. "Treasure Tuesday." Now I know I am a little late but I wanted to share this weeks treasure.
This little tin has always been around since my early childhood. My wonderful Mum did cake decorating and kept all of the impliments in this little tin. This tin originally came from England filled with caramel toffees. I really can't say how old it is but I believe it is quite rare as only a few of these were manufactured. I have always loved this tin and my Mum gave it to me quite a few years back now.
As you can see the decorating impliments and the original icing bag are all still in the tin. The front of my little tin is still in very good condition. I will treasure it always as it holds many happy memories for me.
Thank you Clare for hosting such a great site as I am sure we all have lots of unshared memories My Grand daughter and her Mum have headed of to Melbourne today to visit with my son Joshua. As the temperatures are very cold down there this time of the year I knitted them a head warmer each. I just got them finished last night and think they look pretty special

Pretty cold here as well. I took these two photos yesterday morning when our temperature was
minus 5 degrees. The frost was very heavy on the ground.

Now that our new baby is settling in well I thought I would share the few photos of the things I had done before her arrival and before I started all of Zoe's things.
My eldest daughter Zoe's Mum Danielle had bought this piece of fabric of e-bay and asked if I could make up these wee dolls. Aren't they the cutest little things they now decorate Zoe's room.

I have been in the cuchion making mode.
These two cushions I made for Danielle for her birthday. I found them on a blog I was reading and really liked them. I really enjoy making the fabric roses but I think I got a bit carried away with making so many for the one cushion

This cushion I made for my Mum for Mothers Day. What do you get for an 85 year old. Her favourite colours are greens, purples and mauves. The green fabric I have used was left over from the pansy quilt I made for her 80th. birthday. This was the original pattern for this cushion.

The embroidered panel on this cushion I had stitched quite a few years ago so I decided to use it and adapt the original pattern to suit the embroidery.

My last cushion was made for my very dear friend Debbie for her birthday recently.
All these embroidered cushions are from The Rivendale Collection by Sally Giblin.


clare's craftroom said...

I love your treasure tin and all your lovely things especially the frosty rose ! Thanks so much for playing along .

BubzRugz said...

Love the treasure - I bet they still work well too! Love the cushions and frosty pictures. LOVE the grandie...... thanks

Maree: said...

Your Tuesday's Treasure is surely a have those old piping nozzles is wonderful...Congrats on your New Granddaughter she looks beautiful in her knitwear...I also love your cushions & those roses are gorgeous is there a tutorial on those...I love them...Thanks for popping by my blog will keep on top with yours too now that you have been back in blogland...

teresa said...

Wow, so many lovely things in this post. Just love your tin and it really is so special. Glad you are playing along (who knew it would be so much fun!) Love the knitted beanies, the icy roses and the cute dolls (that fabric is gorgeous)... Love the cushion too and the roses on it.... so many beautiful things to look at xx

clare's craftroom said...

I'm so glad you "relinked" as I'd hate for anyone to miss seeing your lovely things , thanks very much !