Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Seriously bad at blogging

I honestly don't know where the time goes. Looking after my wee grand daughter 2 days a week certainly takes away my stitching time but these times are precious as she grows. She had her plaster taken of on Monday and everything is fine but she is still crawling like a crab. A parcel has arrived at my house from America. I joined in on a Mug Rug swap last month and this is the parcel from my partner. I won't open it until Diane has received my parcel I have been running a little late on this one.

I have been commissioned to make a quilt with these beautiful blue and white fabrics. A woman my DH works with has had these fabrics for about 20 years she purchased them in Paris with the intentions of making a quilt but became quite daunted by this as she knew nothing about making a quilt. I haven't started as yet as I am waiting on some extra dark blue fabric being sent from overseas that match what I already have. The quilt she wants is very simple and shouldn't take too long to make once I get started.

Whilst I was cleaning up my sewing room again I found these little blocks carefully put away safely in their own little box. A few years ago the Wednesday Girls decided to do a friendship quilt so this was the one I chose with each block signed. I have started to put them together but am having troubles fitting the last border. Just one of life's challenges.

(((HUGS))) Roz


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Glad to see the plaster is off! Seriously can't believe your will power at not ripping open that box! Love those little blocks - very cute!

teresa said...

Your grand daughter is so cute... glad the plaster is off. Those blue and white fabrics are lovely and I know you will make a beautiful quilt for her... your work is always so perfect. She will love it and it's so nice to know they will finally be made into a quilt. Love your little friendship blocks.. can't wait to see what you do with them!