Monday, February 03, 2014

Hello blogging friends

It has been a very very long time since I last posted. From time to time I have been able to catch up on some blogs I have followed for many years and been amazed at all the beautiful items that have been crafted. I have not been able to get to any projects over the past year or so a little bit of stitching every now and then has been all I have done. For the best part of 2013 I had to commit to many family events and issues. 2013 was the worst year from beginning to end. Most distressing was to place my darling Mum into a nursing home as a permanent resident. Dementia is very confronting and too watch your loved one slip away slowly is heartbreaking. Other family issues kept me busy and at the end of the year my dear dad had major surgery that had him in hospital for 10 weeks. He was finally discharged on Christmas Eve and is now living with us. 
This is going to be a much better year and I am going to give myself ME TIME. I have joined Cherylls Friday Night Sew In so am looking forward to getting back to some stitching. At least finishing off some of those projects that have been hanging around for quite some time. 
One project that I have completed was my vintage doily hexagon wall hanging. I am trilled at how it turned out and it is now hanging above my bed.

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Mary said...

I realize this is a bit late. Your use of doilies turned out beautiful. You have kept me inspired with this project. I still want to do one, and have collected a few items to use. I hope you are well.