Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Weekend

On the Easter weekend we took my parents down to Victoria to catch up with some family and to visit with our son Joshua who lives at Cribb Point near the Navy base HMAS Cerberus.

It was a lovely trip down firstly stopping at Gunning for morning tea. Lunch at Holbrook then travelling onto Albury for our first overnight stop.

Next Morning we left early and called into Glenrowan where this BIG Ned Kelly was to be found and of course there just has to be the obligitory photo of the family with Ned.

We arrived at our destination Hastings late Friday afternoon. Went to visit Joshua at his unit. On Sunday it was Greg's birthday and Josh had planned a barbeque and had even baked him a cake. He forgot to get candles so Greg had to blow out a lighter. Took a lot of blowing. the lunch was great and the cake was tasty as well.

On the Saturday we went to visit my Dad's sister in law and my cousins that I have not seen in almost 40 years. They have always been great travellers and have lived in lots of different places but have been in Glenn Waverley for the past 20 or so years. It was lovely to visit with them and reminisce about our younger days. My Aunty Connie is almost 91, my Dad is almost 85, my Mum is 83.

This is a family shot from the left; Joshua, Carl, my Mum, Greg, Christine, me, Lynette (Carl's wife) ,my Dad and Aunty Connie.

Before we left on our journey home we went for a drive to Westhead on the Morning Peninsular. It is a beautiful coastline very rugged. We had a great time on our trip to Victoria. Mum and Dad were happy to see Joshua and to visit the Navy base where he is stationed but after such a long trip we were all glad to be home and be able to sleep in our own beds

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