Thursday, July 09, 2009

Postie has delivered.

This week I have recieved two lovely surprises in the mail. My long awaited "Pin Cushion" swap parcel arrived all the way from Bettina in Blue Springs Missouri USA. What a wonderful package to open. This little box was filled with not only a beautifully made pin cushion but lots of goodies as well.
This is the pin cushion in the shape of a pear complete with the cutest pins.
The other goodies in the little box were 2 strings of really cute buttons, a tape measure, a sissor keeper, some beaded ribbon, a hank of pearl thread and 2 stamps and a lovely letter. How spoilt was I. Thank you so much Bettina and also Sandra for organising this swap.

Also in the mail this week was a letter from my "Pin Cushion" swap partner Jenny, also in the USA. Below is the beautiful card she sent with a quilt on the front and the pattern and instructions on the inside and back of the card. The letter was very touching and I appreciated getting such a wonderful thank you. It makes swapping that much more fun. Thank you Jenny.

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