Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Trip

To Werribee in Victoria to visit with our son Josh. A whirlwind trip there and back in 5 days. I love these signs along the highways but as yet have never seen a Koala crossing.
A bit of stitching along the way. I usually get car sick but managed a few yo-yo's for an upcoming project.

The landscape changes dramatically along each stretch of highway. We think these are canola plantations

On our return journey we encounted some strange weather. Firstly a dust storm could not see much in front of us

Then the rain came for about half an hour

Then brilliant sunshine and blue skies

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teresa said...

Hi Roz, great photos of your trip. How weird was that dust storm. I am loading my photos of the dust storm here as I type.. We didn't get any rain but...xx