Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have decided I really must get some of my unfinished projects out of the box. So I decided to start with the smaller items to get into the swing. I had made this bag some time ago for a workshop so decided to make the pincushion (pattern from Polkadotpineapple.blogspot.com) and send them to the Quilters Guild for the recent flood appeal for sewing items. I made some extra pincushions from the same pattern.

My next project to finish was my Christmas wreath again a pattern from Polkadotpineapple.
It took me a year to make all the leaves and lucky for me I received a glue gun for Christmas so was able to put all the leaves on, that took me some time not being used to this glue stuff, but I am just so pleased at how it turned out so many thanks to Arlette for this great tutorial.

The school holidays came and went and we had the grand kids stay over a few times oh except for the one who lives here she always stays over. They will sleep anywhere. Here is Kaitlyn curled up on her doona on the family room floor where she often camps out. This time she had Bobbin to keep her company.

Last Saturday we headed off to Terry Hills to watch our grandson Ryan compete in his pony club gymkhana with his horse Silver. Although this time he didn't win a ribbon he did so well considering he was the youngest there and had the smallest horse.
And this is Zoe now 8 months old and I think a budding star at the computer.

My other completions so far were 2 small table toppers I had started as samples for a workshop.

Whoops the photo went sideways. This was a satchel bag I had started at a quilting retreat last November. A little complicated but after reading and re-reading the pattern it finally sunk in and I was so glad I got it finished.

Lucky last. This cushion was 11 years in the making. I had made my friend Rhonda a Little Red School House quilt for her 50th. birthday and this block was left over so 11 years later I made the block into a cushion and gave it to her for her 61st. birthday.
I told you I was determined to get some projects finished.


Sue ♥ said...

you have been a busy lady and those leaves did require heaps of patience

teresa said...

Wow, love what you've been making and what you've finished off. Firstly, I just love that wreath with all the many leaves.. that's just amazing! Also love that satchel, and the pincushions, and the red house cushion... you have been so busy. Also I love the photos of your grandkids. What cuties, your grandson should have got a ribbon!!! Keep up the great work Roz xx

BubzRugz said...

Hi Roz, just replying to your comment on my post regarding the crazy wool stitch a bit... would love to have you join us and definitely not too late... you are set on no reply so could you send me an email that I can reply to and I will send you a note to get your details... thanks..

Roseanne said...

Love all your project that you finished. You have been very busy with sewing and grandchildren.