Friday, March 04, 2011

A Quick Post Today

I have not been able to post lately as I have been staying with my Mum whilst my Dad is in hospital. Am home today for a bit of a rest myself as my sister has taken over the Mum sitting duties for the weekend.
I am so happy with myself before I left to go to Mum's I wanted to get another UFO finished. This quilt became my worst nightmare. The top had been completed some ? years ago and I had started machine quilting it in June 2008. Nothing seemed to go right at the time so it was put away for a better day. Last weekend I started the quilting and once I got into it everything went smoothly. Took me three days and the quilt was complete.

Because the quilt is now well over 8 years old I have misplaced the fabric for the binding (probably used it in another project) so it still is not totally completed but I am pleased I only have the binding to do.
This is my finished quilt (well almost). Another UFO out of the box.
What UFO will be next????????


Cherry Red Quilter said...

That is one gorgeous quilt. hurry up and get the binding on. It is too nice to leave unfinished! It is time to enjoy it!

BubzRugz said...

Stunning quilt....

Sue W ♥ said...

well it look better out of the box that's for sure, well done

Maree: said...

Great Job on getting it Finished...The Quilting looks Great.

Melody said...

What a beautiful quilt - how wonderful to finish it.