Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Yes time passes very quickly in this household. Looking after my newest grand baby is just wonderful she is such a treasure. Meal times are wonderful if only her Mum knew what I fed her some times. Here is little Zoe enjoying her Vegemite crust loves every bit of it and gets into the biggest mess.
My eldest Grand daughter lives with us and is also a treasure. I have been kept very busy over the past few weeks helping her with one of her school projects on "Gold". Last week I was making her an outfit for the Colonial school incursion. They were having a travelling show from the Australiana Village come visit the school and the children were asked to dress in old colonial dress.
How cute does she look? The little case Kaitlyn is holding is my Dad's original school case made by his father some 83 years ago. Kaitlyn felt very proud going off to school yesterday carrying her lunch in that little case.

A little bit of leisure as well. Last Sunday we took my beautiful parents on another adventure. This time we went to Palm Beach and caught the ferry across to Umina. A lovely day and the weather was wonderful.

This week I have tried real hard to get some stitching done but I didn't achieve much. I did however get this apron finished. I showed this in an earlier post it was all in pieces when I found it at my Mum's house during my Spring clean. I think that it would probably be at least 30 years old as are some of her other aprons as I can remember her always having one of these crossed stitched aprons almost every day.
The embroidery has been completed on my next Christmas stocking for Zoe. I am waiting on the velvet backing to arrive from The Crewel Goblin to completely finish this one.
Lastly on my design wall I have been slowly and I mean very slowly working on this little wall hanging and the more I looked at it the least I liked it. I took it along to class last night with out the side and bottom borders and am now working on the original design. When I started this I thought I would like to do something totally different to what I usually do but I have decided I am more of a traditionalist than an arty farty quilter.


teresa said...

Great post Roz...just loved the photos of your granddaughter in her lovely colonial dress. You did an amazing job. I loved it when my boys really enjoyed their food and "painted" their faces with it too... great memories. Hope you're well xx

Cherry Red Quilter said...

You have a done a grat job - the colonial outift is wonderful - I bet your grand daughter was delighted to be wearing it. The apron is TOO cute!!! The Christmas stocking is definitely an heirloom of the future and the quilt - well i liked the border but I also like where you are headed with it now! Happy Stitching!